Join us for church online this weekend.

Due to COVID-19 and the recommendation of the PA Governor, we are canceling church at our Walnut Street and Columbia Avenue locations. Join us online Sunday morning at 10:00AM.


Expect Incredible Harvest

What We're Doing ...

We are building communities locally and globally

On the international scene, the church has provided boreholes in Trukana, Northern Kenya and sponsored medical missions to Kenya and Trinidad.

In partnership with the Chosen 300 Ministries, we distribute hot meals and provide services to the homeless throughout the Philadelphia Region and around the world.

We have given away, thousands of pounds of grade A groceries during our monthly Harvest Program to families at risk of undernourishment.

We offer free medical screenings in partnership with Mercy Health Physician Partners.

We welcome you to join us.



Raising money for community building missions.
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What You Can Do ...

Love God & Love Others

Living Spring is a place where imperfect people find true joy, genuine friendship, and practical truth for living from the Bible.

Come and find out how God’s love can make your life meaningful and impactful.


Find out how your time and talent can make a real difference in people’s lives when you volunteer.


Every year RCCG Living Spring Miracle Center hosts The Global Leadership Summit to make it as easy as possible for YOU to participate. We believe that the more people from RCCG Living Spring Miracle Center who participate, the stronger we will be at making an impact as a church/org. This year matters more than ever. Our community needs each of us to be at our very best.

Even if we are not physically together, The Global Leadership Summit offers us a shared experience that will unite us in this unique time. Investing ourselves in an extended experience is an investment in our connection together. The learning, inspiration and action steps will provide opportunity for us to connect in meaningful and fresh ways.

The way we show up right now with our influence can make the difference between hope and fear; contentment and disappointment; judgment and grace. Will you join RCCG Living Spring Miracle Center and register for GLS today at Our GLS Web Page using the Priority Code LEAD2020 so we can reflect the heart of God to the community around us?


Leadership Team
RCCG Living Spring Miracle Center

Note:  the Priority Code LEAD2020 is intended only for members / regular attenders of RCCG Living Spring Miracle Center.  If you are a volunteer serving on the Summit team, yet from another organization, the code is not applicable for your group, however feel free to adapt the other messaging for your own organization.