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The Children’s Church provides Christian education; vacation activities, Vacation Bible School and other activity based Christian programs in a structured and safe environment. Our Children are well catered for during service so parents can focus on their own spiritual enrichment while service is on. This ministry operates the corporate vision of the Church. We strive to channel resources into engaging activities that spiritually enrich and empower our children.

The Living Spring Music Ministry is a vibrant group of anointed worship and praise leaders who have been regenerated to bring in the praise of the most High. The Choir is responsible for leading the congregation in High praises and worship in order to usher them into the courts of the Most High.

The Sunday School Department exist to support church growth through evangelism, teaching sound bible principles to build students in christian faith and equip them as ambassadors of christ. Ultimately to encourage a heaven conscious christian life-style.

The ministry is involved in fulfilling the great commission found in Matt 28 v 19-20 (Evangelism), teaching new christians to mature spiritually and identify themselves in service of the gospel. The ministry also counsel students who experience some challenges in their christian journey and point them look unto Jesus (Heb 12v2) – the perfecter of our faith.

The department participates in visitation/reach out to students, members and visitors within the communities, pray and identify with their situations. We also organize lectures and seminars where special teachings are presented.

Membership Eligibility:

Our teachers are from various backgrounds of professions and ages from 18 years (Young adults). Prospective members (Teachers) must met the church (RCCG) qualifications as a worker first. Then can apply to become a teacher, in which case, he or she will undergo an orientation/observation period before being assigned to teach. For membership, everyone from the age of 18 years is eligible to join our respective classes.

Believers Institute

The Believers Institute is responsible for all the instructional requirements of Living spring Miracle Center and is divided into four sections three of which are 6-week module courses – Membership 101, 201, 301 and the Sunday School which reinforces the teachings of the Bible; continually encouraging members to make a conscious effort to fully develop and maximize their potentials and God-given talents in serving in the Kingdom of God.

The main calling of this team is to preach and spread the gospel, and indeed to the outermost part of the earth. Volunteers here are responsible for proposing and organizing outreach programs sensitizing members and the entire community about upcoming programs and events and organizing and executing.

The team keeps tabs on members whose attendance has dwindled and also follows up on members that have relocated and guests who have visited the to keep the informed of upcoming events and other pertinent information.

They are the joyful, cheerful warm people who meet you at the entrance of the church. They are there to welcome you and make you feel at home in the house of our God. They exude the love and care that God has for all his people.

Volunteers in this ministry assist with smooth movement of traffic in the parking lot and surrounding streets before, during and after services and special programs.

They help in securing the premises by monitoring and patrolling the church grounds.

Volunteers in the protocol ministry are responsible for the itinerary of our Pastors and other visiting Ministers. They are committed to making our Pastors and Guest ministers comfortable. They make sure that the men and women of God who minister to us can focus on the Study of the Word and prayer as they prepare for our regular services or special programs.

The Protocol department takes care of transportation, accommodation and hospitality issues of our Pastors and Guest ministers.

The technical department is responsible for all audiovisual coverage, taped announcements, montages, lighting/direction and archiving of all worship services, programs and special events of Living Spring.

The technical department also package these events in different formats for further distribution to media outlets within and outside the church.

The Website and Social Media Team is a subset of members from the Communications / Outreach (Marketing) department and the Technical / Audio Visual department. The team comprises of individuals who are qualified to promote and grow the church’s online presence.

Our website is the foundational tool for the church’s outgoing communication with members and prospective visitors as well as inbound data collection, and it is supported by complimentary tools such as the church app, social media networks, streaming media and podcasting platforms, eLearning, eShopping, eGiving, etc.

The team comprises of talents in the fields of website design and development, graphic design, photography, creative and editorial writing, sermon preparation, video and audio production, etc. If you are interested in these areas and you are willing to learn and volunteer your time to serve selflessly, we are glad to have you join this amazing team to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone everywhere!

This is the church powerhouse. The team meet regularly to intercede for the church, her members, our community, city, state and others. This special set are our watchmen and stand in the gap in prayer moving heaven to act in our lives and stopping hell from interfering in our destiny.

The ministry is readily available to receive prayer requests and to visit members of the congregation and people in the community in general, that are in need of prayers during difficult situations.

Under the guidance of the Pastor in charge, the ministry also organizes prayer teleconferences for members and the community in general.

The Missions ministry’s goals are directly in line with the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s vision/mission:

* That we as individuals and indeed a church will make heaven

* Take as many people with us

* Have a member of RCCG in every family of all nations

To accomplish the above holiness will be the lifestyle and most importantly churches will be planted all over the world until every nation is reached for the Lord Jesus Christ. The Missions Ministry will also be involved with various outreach programs ranging from spiritual, educational to socioeconomic initiatives within and outside the USA.

To date Living Spring’s Mission Ministry has planted over 14 churches in the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey and will continue this trend in accordance to the mission/vision of RCCG, NA.

This ministry enhances and supports all other ministries by impacting the congregation and visitors through quality Christian themed dramatic, video and musical productions.

Ushers are the ‘gateway’ into the house of the Lord and as such the ushers at Living Spring of holiness, grace, poise. Our ushers provide a warm, welcoming and orderly atmosphere during services and special programs and generally ensure the smooth conduct of worship services and events within and outside the church.

They seat members and guests, distribute bulletins/offering envelopes.

They are the custodians of the house of God; they keep the Church and environs clean, beautiful and worthy of our Great God. These members offer a service of Love and honor as they make the house of God a place where one would love to come.

The Publication Department of Living Spring is responsible for print design and development for all worship services, programs and special events.

This department designs and puts out all posters, bulletins, fliers, newsletters and brochures for all church functions.