A Night of Hymns 768


This is the actual day of our anniversary, and at 25, we rock the hymns… with a twist.

Time: Wednesday 10.11.2023 | 7pm
Location: 1000 Columbia Avenue, Linwood, PA 19061


Q: Would Dr. Otabil be ministering?
A: Yes. He’ll still be with us and will be ministering on this day.

Q: Why a night of hymns?
A: Hymns are a vibe. They are classical compositions of early stories of faith, and we believe that everyone would enjoy the twist we bring to it.

Q: What if I’m unfamiliar with hymns?
A: We would have the lyrics printed out on a bulletin and displayed on our screens for you to follow. You’ll not be left out.

Q: Would we be singing hymns for 90 minutes?
A: No. The hymns would be about a third of the service; remember, Dr. Otabil will still minister.